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County Durham Invests in Sustainable Mobility with Multi-Million Pound Transport Programme

County Durham is taking a proactive approach to transportation, prioritising economic growth and environmental responsibility. Their robust £200 million transport programme goes beyond traditional rail, focusing heavily on sustainable solutions.

Investing in the Present and Future

Funded through a combination of local and national sources, the multi-million-pound programme encompasses a range of key projects. Improved A19 junctions will enhance access to major business areas, while upgrades on the A19 Seaton Lane pave the way for significant housing growth in the north of the county. A £20 million investment will deliver new, modern bus stations in Durham and Bishop Auckland,  improving facilities, efficiency, and a safer and more reliable experience for passengers. Bishop Auckland is receiving over £75 million for transport network improvements, aiming to boost the constituency’s quality of life and tourism. Finally, the reopening of Ferryhill station, announced by Network North, will significantly improve regional connectivity, linking South Durham and Teesside to the north of the region.

A Commitment to Clean Transportation

The county is making significant strides in clean transportation with investments in zero-emission buses. Subsidised park-and-ride services and improved local bus networks offer residents a convenient and environmentally friendly way to travel. This focus on clean mobility reflects County Durham’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions and building a sustainable future.

Making Connections Affordable

In addition to infrastructure and sustainable solutions, County Durham understands the importance of affordability. Initiatives are also underway to make travel more accessible. This includes options for discounted fares and concessionary programs, focusing on making travel more affordable for young people under 21. By ensuring everyone has access to reliable and affordable transportation, County Durham is fostering a more inclusive and connected community.

Transport as a Catalyst for Development

Looking beyond infrastructure upgrades, County Durham views its transport projects as catalysts for regeneration and development. By investing in connectivity, they aim to unlock the full potential of their communities, fostering growth and creating a blueprint for a vibrant future. This vision positions County Durham as of sustainable and inclusive economic development hub.

Building a Connected Future

County Durham’s transport programme is an investment in the future of their communities. It strives to strengthen economic vitality, ensure a sustainable future, and create a more connected County Durham.

Explore further details at or visit the County Durham at stand C24, New Dock Hall at UKREiiF to learn more.


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