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Pioneering County Durham’s economic future: introducing the Investment Prospectus

The County Durham Investment Prospectus - a comprehensive document that outlines the compelling investment opportunities across the county, while providing a clear vision for potential investors – will be unveiled at UKREiiF.

Commissioned by Durham County Council and developed in collaboration with Metro Dynamics, the Investment Prospectus offers a structured approach to evaluating an array of potential investable projects, while underpinning the Council’s commitment to fostering sustainable economic growth through the County Durham Inclusive Economic Strategy.

Amy Harhoff, Corporate Director Regeneration Economy and Growth at Durham County Council said: "The Investment Prospectus will serve as an invaluable tool, allowing us to take stock of key investment opportunities throughout the County.

“Moreover, for events like UKREiif, it will serve as an investment portfolio highlighting key investment opportunities and flagship projects throughout the county. This resource will be instrumental in engaging key partners and investors while providing a clear overview of our strategic priorities and investment landscape.”

The Prospectus provides an in-depth view of the diverse investment opportunities in County Durham. Curated and prioritised to drive economic growth and create inclusive and sustainable places, the prospects span economic, cultural, placemaking, transportation, and renewable energy sectors. Aligned with the County Durham Inclusive Economic Strategy, these projects leverage Durham's existing innovation and research ecosystem, promoting progress in advanced manufacturing, green energy, and cultural revitalisation.

“The Investment Prospectus is designed to build upon these successes,” continues Amy. “With a portfolio of prime projects and medium opportunities identified - ranging from business ventures and cultural initiatives to regenerative housing projects - the framework serves as a strategic blueprint for investors keen to make their mark on County Durham's dynamic economic landscape.”

By investing in County Durham, businesses can benefit from a clear understanding of the region's long-term economic vision, ensuring their investments contribute to a shared future. The Investment Prospectus streamlines the process of identifying suitable projects, while interactive visualisation tools and a collaborative environment fostered by the Prospectus empower informed decision-making and business growth.

The County Durham Investment Prospectus paints a compelling picture of a region poised for significant growth, built on a foundation of collaboration, sustainability, and inclusivity. By outlining a diverse range of investment opportunities and a clear vision for the future, the prospectus presents a unique opportunity for businesses to be part of something bigger.

Explore further details at or visit the County Durham stand at UKREiif to learn more.


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